Pricing of Art

Completed Works
Original Artwork $250*
Unframed in Matte $225*
11 X 17 signed print $25*
8 X 10 signed print $10*
3 X 5 postcard/doz $15*
3 X 5 postcard/ea $1.50*

Commissioned Pieces
(based on a photograph or series of photographs sent by the client)
Original concept or design from photograph or series of photographs. Prices are based on complexity and size; a mutual agreement of price will be assessed.

Turn-around time:
5-7 days, plus shipping and handling, for comissioned pieces created from scratch;
if print is available, overnight, if desired.

*plus shipping costs

20% of Prices with Membership to the Dr. Caroline "Kay" Picart Show (

Ballroom Dance Consultations, inclusive of choreography

Private Lesson (individual):   $40 (plus 15% for rent) per hour
Private Lesson (couple):   $50 (plus 15% rent) per hour
Group Lesson (couple):   $30 per couple, with a minimum of five couples, and a maximum of ten.
Wedding choreography:   $100 plus rent
For private lessons at client's home:   additional $25 for travel time.